Machine of Death

I saw this so I made this:

The short version: I’m sending a little something to (I believe) David Malki !, one of the dudes behind the Machine of Death book, so he’ll send me my very own death card. (The Machine of Death takes a blood sample and spits out an infallible death prediction. Enchanting.)


2 Responses to “Machine of Death”

  1. What a relief it will be to have your death card. Nothing like knowing, right? Right? Maybe?

    • It’s an amazing question! In real life I think I’d rather not know… but then again, I expect I’ll be relieved when I get my fake card. I’ll pretend it’s real, and pretend I don’t have to be scared of anything except what’s on that card. That would be nice.

      That said, my favorite of the cards visible in their photo is “happenstance.” Not much anxiety relief there.

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