In the airport

Have you ever had the refuse-the-body-scanner patdown? The agents make a BIG deal out of the backs of their hands and where they’re going.


One Response to “In the airport”

  1. your blog is flippin’ amazing! thank you so much for the link. i’ll add it to my google reader shortly. i read through all of your posts, but i’m going to be lazy and just comment on one for now 🙂
    i love watercolor and pen work and i wish i had the patience/courage to work with them more. i usually don’t like how my drawings end up, so i give up rather than continue to practice. your pea pod is beautiful and your people sketches are really humorous.
    also, the last time i flew i wore yoga pants both ways and they waved me through the scanner and inspection. so that is my new resolution. i’ll wear unflatteringly snug/stretchy material and the TSA agents won’t need to see me naked *or* feel me up 🙂
    sending out big crafty love to you!

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