(Melinda, sorry this doesn’t look like you!)


3 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Fun sketches. Very good!

  2. first, is that you sleeping under the computer desk? that looks uncomfortable. maybe i could tempt you to sleep in our guest room next time? (wink, nudge, smiley, i’m kidding but i’m really serious)
    second, third and fourth, i adore the little family portrait. you have a knack for capturing a moment in time and getting it onto paper. i’m so excited that you are sharing this talent on a blog. this makes me so happy.

    • We will for sure plan a jaunt to your place next time we are in the area! Although I slept in the computer room, technically only my feet went under the desk; for that painting I challenged myself to exaggerate reality just a bit because I tend to be too literal in my artworx.

      Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate your support.

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