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Hourly Comics Day

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No posts for a while, eh? I’m debating whether/how to continue FangCentral but haven’t come to a decision yet. While I ruminate, here is my Feb. 1 in comic form.



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I have been busy. I have an 8′ x 4′ piece of plywood that is getting filled up with layers of paint. It takes some time away from the sketchbook and I’m not going to post about the big painting until it’s done, so content here might be sparse for a bit. Here’s what it’s like in the studio:


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I wasn’t spinning backwards, just drawing without a mirror and not paying attention.


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I’ve wanted a new bike for a long time.

Thanks, Sarah!

Portrait comparison

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Sarah and I talked about the spiral of improvement—working on a different skill with each drawing/painting/what-have-you, but not always being able to improve on (or even represent) all skills at once. So here are two self-portrait studies, each painted with a focus on a different skill. Inspiration came from a photo I took last year of some epic bedhead—inspiring indeed.

On this one I jumped in with my Kuretake waterbrush with no preliminary sketch. I like the spontaneity of the brushwork and most of the colors, which sadly don’t show up accurately in the scan. The proportions are in some places more realistic than in #2, PLUS I managed to make myself look a bit like David Bowie, not bad, not bad.

For #2 I challenged myself to spend more time with it and work on increasing the contrast. The pencil sketch I laid down first helped less than I expected, but there’s more dimensionality in the color and brushwork than in the first.

You know what? My scanner sucks. Let’s see what an actual photo looks like.

With watercolors, I prefer to work in a less realistic style, just filling in line drawings with color, so this exercise really challenged my abilities. I highly recommend it as a way of checking in on your location on the aforementioned spiral.

“I want room service!”

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…and wearing a huge David Byrne suit, apparently.

Here’s me as Jones, the dolphin who can microwave you with his mind:

It was fun to be other people today.